PICTURE THIS: …the year is 2007, and From First To Last just dropped their newest single, “Make War.” Sonny Moore’s vocals are as emo as ever, bemoaning his most recent relationship woes, soaring over angsty guitars, accented by an occasional scream for emphasis. Sound familiar? Of course it does—who DIDN’T listen to From First To Last back in the day? Too bad Moore went on to become electronic giant Skrillex, leaving all our emo dreams unfulfilled… right?

WRONG, because the year is 2017 and From First To Last just released a new single called “Make War” featuring vocals from none-other-than Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex. Is this a dream come true?!?

For many, yes. Even after approaching this single with some skepticism, I have definitely fallen HARD into the this-is-a-dream-come-true category. Multiple times over the weekend, I caught myself listening to the track on repeat, slowly sinking deeper and deeper into a nostalgic haze.

While some may be hesitant to welcome this FFTL revival, specifically citing Moore’s disconnect from the scene in recent years, I encourage everyone to give it a listen, regardless of expectations. It’s clear that Moore has not forgotten his roots. “Make War” is incredibly catchy, true to the sound we should expect from a band with an album titled Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Body Count. And, while the lyrics are very much the same caliber as most other screamo acts of past and present, listeners may find themselves surprised by some of the content and word choice, leaving them desperately wanting more Moore. (I’m not sorry for that pun, the set-up was too perfect—fight me.)

So, bottom line–give it a listen and make the call for yourself. All I can say is: 2017 is going to be WILD!

Check out “Make War” by From First To Last