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EORÐESLAJYR is a great, experimental metal band with a very difficult name to pronounce and a new free download for the song “Baba Yaga The Boney-Legged.” The band is Irish and features Sam Burton on vocals (Spudgun), Simon Bird on synthesizer and Tom Morris on guitar (Turning Down Sex). Originally intended as a group with the intention of creating and performing original soundtracks for cult films, EORÐESLAJYR has now become a full-fledged band producing their own music for their own fan base. Soon other musicians joined Burton, Bird and Morris, including cellist Anna Clock, saxophonist Sam Comerford and percussionist Ross Chaney and suddenly this was one complex musical project taking shape.

The band’s latest album is titled Haxan, a collection of songs inspired by and written to work as a soundtrack to a 1922 silent film of the same name by Benjamin Christensen. The film Haxan is considered one of the great early works of horror cinema and it has become a pioneering film for its rich use of lighting, composition and special effects. The album really puts on display the diverse musical talents of this emerging band. It emphasizes a varied blend of musical styles which range from heavy industrial doom and frenzied tribal cacophonies; to brooding textual ambiences and lush choral arrangements. This is a very advanced musical project that is sure to please any fan of hard music looking for a challenging listen.

Haxan Track Listing:

01. Surrounded By Nine Angelic Choirs
02. Uprooting The Seed
03. In Decaying Dreams
04. Baba Yaga The Boney-Legged
05. Lullaby
06. The Old Horned One
07. Put To Death What is Earthly in You
08. Secret Defilers
09. Vigil
10. Lead Me To The Stake