The hard-hitting German band, Accept, has been rocking the masses for over four decades with their brand of heavy metal. In fact, when their first album was released, I barely had a full head of hair, and just got out of diapers. Now, with their latest release, Restless and Live, I barely have a full head of hair, and I have thought about buying me some adult diapers. On a serious note, although there have been some serious lineup changes throughout the years, this group, still has that same commanding quality it did when they fired off “Balls to the Wall” some thirty plus years ago.

When you hear the Wolf Hoffman’s guitar riffs, you know it is going to get down and dirty. Although you cannot deny the greatness of vocalist, Udo Dirkschneider, the voice of Mark Tornillo is top-notch as well.

This double CD and DVD combo gets the Accept fan up close and personal with the band. You get a taste of some of their older, ripping tunes, as well as some new tracks. It is over two hours of nonstop intensity and a must-have for any die-hard fans of the band.

Restless and Live Track Listing:

01. Stampede
02. Stalingrad
03. Hellfire
04. London Leatherboys
05. Living for Tonite
06. 200 Years
07. Demon’s Night
08. Dying Breed
09. Final Journey
10. From the Ashes We Rise
11. Losers and Winners
12. No Shelter
13. Shadow Soldiers
14. Midnight Lover
15. Starlight
16. Restless and Wild
17. Son of a Bitch
18. Pandemic
19. Dark Side of My Heart
20. The Curse
21. Flash Rocking Man
22. Bulletproof
23. Fall of the Empire
24. Fast as a Shark
25. Metal Heart
26. Teutonic Terror
27. Balls to the Wall

Run Time: 138:93
Release Date: January 13, 2017

Check out the song “Restless and Wild”