The Dominican Republic isn’t well known for it’s metal bands as was noticed by five metal-loving friends from the island. In 2009, the quintet decided to put that right forming Medulah and, inspired by heavy-hitters from the metal world like Lamb Of God, Gojira and Bloodbath, the group have set about making their mark on the metal scene with a sound effortlessly combining neck-snapping grooves with face-pummelling heaviness.

The band have just issued their latest eight track offering and, despite the Dominican Republic still a relatively unknown proposition when it comes to metal, V1SC3R4L, the aforementioned offering, is an absolute beast of a record that can do the reputation of the scene here no harm at all. Every moment of this album is a precise, clinical, jarring demonstration in heavy metal that sees the quintet combining the caustic fury of Lamb Of God with the technical face-fuckery of Gojira to devastating effect. Opening with the thunderous “Sindrome Simio”, the band make their intentions clear from the get-go with no drop in ferocity for the duration of the breathtaking V1SC3R4L.

With no disrespect meant to the metal scene in the Dominican Republic, it’s hard to see how bands are going to compete with the might of the US metal scene but, should any metal-loving industry representative from the States take a trip to the Dominican Republic, may we recommend you take a butchers at these guys because, away from the million-selling arena stars of your home nation, it’s bands like Medulah and albums like this one that are the real pulse of the metal scene.

V1SC3R4L Track Listing:

01. Intro
02. Sindrome Simio
03. Infoxicacion
04. Amok
05. Trafico Humano
06. Serpentiforme
07. Mental Wars
08. Vicio

Run Time: 41:27
Release Date: December 6, 2016

Check out the track “Amok”


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