Peeking its mean mug out from the already aggressive Norwegian music scene is Machete’s new 4 track EP, Fjórir. The album surges forward with its heavy D-Beat stride, one that you’d most likely hear coming out of New York’s Lower East side, but is guided with that Norwegian precision we all have grown to respect.

Heavy breaks and explosive tempos are what carry this EP through, with tightly wound melodies. Clocking in at just under 12 minutes, Machete is able to squeeze in quite a bit in a short time and leave you knowing exactly what their business is with you.

Released in November via Negative Vibe Records, Fjórir is available for digital download via Bandcamp.

Fjórir Track Listing:

01. Ocean
02. Criminals
03. Ashes
04. Collapse

Run Time: 11:43
Release Date: November 1, 2016

Check out the album Fjórir