The sun and moon play heavily intertwining roles on this little split that will go tragically unnoticed. I say tragic because this is a doozy of an instrumental album, but while most people are looking to rock-heavy, anthemic songs for inspiration, rarely is that in the form of instrumental dirges that originate from the more desert rock side of things. Which is bullshit, because if there’s one thing that desert rock is capable of, it’s holding up its own without the need for vocal work: the guitars and drums do more than enough, thank you very much. And nowhere is that clearer than on this record.

Side A from desert rock godfathers Fatso Jetson is baked, laid out trundle through piping sands, blistering with nerve and frayed apart at the edges, desperate for somewhere cool to lay but maintaining its upright direction from nerve and intensity. It’s a remarkable little thing, no small feat for a band that has managed to help mould and shape influence in other bands, most notably Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age. Here you can hear that influence snapping and clicking out in the wind, all sinew and temperament, with soft strains of organ to set the fiery sun of the movement.

The second side of the split, by Netherlander rock trio del-Toros, operate coolly and level against the blistering, feverish pace set by the previous track. It coos, woos, and cools dramatically, as samples collect the listener’s attention before assembling sonic interludes that reach up to the stars, an echoing and considered pace that is ready to collect itself before taking another chomp at the listener.

It’s pretty clear these are great bedfellows, and kudos to whoever thought of putting these two bands on opposite sides of vinyl together, because it works and it works brilliantly. The feverish march of Fatso Jetson and the cool delivery of del-Toros certify this as one of the freshest takes on rock, whether desert, stoner, or whatever subgenre you want to fit these guys into. Just as long as you get to appreciate the significance of something as enjoyable as this.

Split Track Listing:

01. Dream Homes (Fatso Jetson)
02. Die Cast (del Toros)

Run Time: 11:31
Release Date: November 25, 2016

Check out the track “Dream Homes”