Okay, I have questions. First of all, how much more Canadian can you get, amirite? Just look at these boys. Absolute beauties, total fahckin’ hounds, bud. Secondly, can we get more of this type of hardcore out these days?

These guys remind me of Toronto buds Good People and New Jersey nightmares Arcadius. My list of similar acts is obscure not on purpose, but because this is the type of under-the-radar hardcore that had its heyday in the 00’s and while it’s managed to endure in the first half of our current decade, it’s tapered off sharply.

But apparently not. With enough bounce and old-school nods (if you try and tell me “Groundhog Eating Jake’s Parsley” doesn’t immediately remind you of Black Flag you’re a damned liar, fight me) to keep it from becoming generic, this is the kind of group that screeches its way into your speakers and makes mortal men succumb to the incredible power that all things heavy are capable. However, this is less “epic opera stadium” and more “I went out to support my friend’s band at the local community centre and the touring hardcore band changed my life.”

The guys have the added advantage of managing to sound timeless and contemporary at the same time, with a vocalist that’s also able to make you squirm with how throat-tearing it seems. The whole package together gives me the impression that these boys are heading on to great things.

Deep Fryer [EP] Track Listing:

01. Fix Stuff
02. Freddy Beach Bum
03. Groundhog Eating Jake’s Parsley
04. Lost In The Pines

Run Time: 10:24
Release Date: November 29, 2016

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