Chicago, Illinois-based Death/Doom Metal band, Cokegoat released their 7-track Drugs And Animals album on November 25th, 2016 (buy your copy RIGHT HERE) and today we have the pleasure of sharing this exclusive track-by-track wherein the band discusses each of the new album’s seven songs. Also, if you’re in the area, be sure to hit the band’s record release show on December 23rd at Beat Kitchen in Chicago, IL.

01. “Quiet Tyrant”
– This song is like the launch of a planetary abyss. The dark side of every moon. The sedative dream state and connection through a personal orbit to inevitable slumber. We all gonna die.

02. “The Burner”
– Our drummer Jordan kept asking to write a burner, so we did. It was written while Jordan wasn’t there. He got what he asked for. It seems like he likes the exercise.

03. “Winter Of Fear”
– This track was written after a super-traumatic birthing experience. When we scream about pain in this song, we mean it. If you’re getting chills at any point during this track, it’s because making life is a disgusting, gooey, bloody mess.

04. “Nurture”
– From inside comes outsides. Voices like rungs of a ladder connect. What we have created together takes the horrible, the beautiful and births one strong floating entity. Only blood holds the bond in the end, as in the beginning. We call this one our menstrual minstrel. We’re usually pretty drunk.

05. “The Ruiner”
– Jordan brought some cool riffs. Chase and Jordan started fleshing out a rough skeleton of a song, a primal headbanger groove machine if you will. The title references Chase’s ability to shit on everything.

06. “Where The Sun Dies”
– Everything seems fine and dandy until you realize you’re walking to your funeral. In the snow. Uphill both ways. Follow the trail of blood to get back home to your grave. This is the only song we have where our bassist Tim doesn’t touch the E string.

07. “Kreator/Destroyer”
– This nasty track closes out the record. It’s the song most deserving of chugging microwaved Busch lite. We wrote this song about three days before we recorded it. We haven’t played it since. We’re still not sure how we feel about it.

Check out the album Drugs And Animals

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