Yellowcard’s Final World Tour has commenced, which recently included a stop at the House of Blues in Boston. Before the band took the stage, a booming voice came across the speaker system to encourage people not to experience the show through their 4 inch phone screen, but instead through the wonderful lens of their own eyes. For the most part (compared to a lot of shows I’ve witnessed at the House of Blues lately), the crowd complied and kept their phones away for the evening. Well, except for the encore — but hey, it was many people’s last time being able to relive middle and high school by belting the lyrics to “Ocean Avenue”, can you blame them?

Yellowcard played a two-hour set (yes, I said that right) and their energy level throughout the entire performance was incredible. Ryan Key paused a handful of times between songs to address the audience and thank them for being the reason that the band had been able to do what they loved for so long. He also highlighted that Jimmy Brunkvist is filling in on drums for the tour. That seems like a normal announcement until you realize that he’s the drummer for Like Torches, who is also on the tour’s bill, so he is playing back-to-back sets night after night. True beast mode.

Of course, there was no shortage of goofy antics during the show from violinist, Sean Mackin, which include a back flip from the drum set and many successful endeavors to get the crowd pumped up. There’s a good chance a majority of the audience left the venue with little to no voice from singing along to so many great, well-known songs. Though it is sad that this marks the end to their run, there was a lot of thought and work put into this tour and it is proving to be very successful.