William Control first came to fame as the ghoulish singer of pop-punk band Aiden, known for his angst-ridden, gritty vocals and The Crow-inspired façade. While he has maintained his dark esthetic on his solo project, William Control has proved that he is a man of many talents, artfully mastering electronica in a way that is mature, refined and passionate.

On his latest release, Revelations: The Pale, William escalates his poetic, nightmarish spin on electronica, and takes listeners along for the macabre ride. Only 4 songs long, the EP is a short and sweet, romantic escapade. William’s voice is velvety and soothing over electric melodies, reminiscent of The Cure with a darkness not unlike Marilyn Manson’s. Revelations: The Pale is overall a culmination of dark electronica and an outlook on romance that can only be compared to the likes of Edgar Allen Poe and Bram Stoker.

The album starts with “The Monster”, a pop-heavy track with modern indie vibes that are complemented by beautifully dark lyrics about desire. Revelations: The Pale flows into “Confess”, a slower song about repentance and killing for love—a theme that permeates the EP as well as Wil’s broader repertoire, in a manner that is always poetic and graceful, considering the subject matter.

Throughout, there are nuances of ’80s new wave in the vein of Depeche Mode, and ’90s dark ambient a la Nine Inch Nails, with a modern edge. This edge is what makes William Control the perfect anti-popstar for the Aiden fans that have matured in music taste along with Wil.

Revelations: The Pale Track Listing:

01. The Monster
02. Confess
03. When The Love Is Pain
04. Mother Superior

Run Time: 18:09
Release Date: October 14, 2016

Check out the track “The Monster”