If you were at Warped Tour this summer, there’s a good chance you caught a glimpse of the horde of teenage girls fawning over Waterparks, or maybe even heard a few songs—songs that burrowed DEEP into your subconscious mind and later manifested as a track on repeat for DAYS and DAYS— from the teenage heartthrobs/internet sensation, Waterparks.

Double Dare is the first full-length LP from Waterparks, following up their three EPs, and it does NOT disappoint. Pop-punk/rock riffs with catchy synth fills abound on Double Dare, like a kid’s ice-cream cone topped with a tasty chocolate-sauce-and-cherry embellishment that is singer Awsten Knight’s voice. There’s no doubt his catchy hooks and sing-song vocals steal the show, backed by infectious melodies and feel-good “oooooh ooooh” chants. Waterparks have got the pop-rock game on LOCK.

Double Dare stays true to Waterparks sound on prior releases, but this time around it is clear that they have honed in on where they’d like to be. The lyrics also seem to have shown some growth and depth that is not as evident on previous releases.

While “Crave” is still my favorite Waterparks songs to-date, this album reminds me a lot of the Cluster EP—in a VERY good way. Fans of pop-rock/pop-punk, this is for you. Fans of Waterparks: you will not be disappointed. Couple of my favorites are “Stupid for You,” “Plum Island,” “Take Her to the Moon”. Hell, the whole album is going to be stuck in your head no matter what, so just give it a listen already!

Double Dare Track Listing:

01. Hawaii (Stay Awake)
02. Gloom Boys
03. Stupid for You
04. Royal
05. Take Her to the Moon
06. Made in America
07. Dizzy
08. Powerless
09. Little Violence
10. 21 Questions
11. It Follows
12. Plum Island
13. I’ll Always Be Around

Run Time: 44:19
Release Date: November 4, 2016

Check out the song “Stupid For You”