What a savage fucking tapas of brutal hardcore this comp is. That’s what I’ve marvelled to myself over and over since I first started listening to this before the holidays.

Brief, bridled with enmity, lean and mean, this is a dark horse whose example should be followed by other compilations going forward. Assemble the great from both old and new, both sides of the coast and an additional U.K. band in for good measure, and get them to contribute original tracks. The result is as I’ve mentioned above, and then some: this is a compilation that holds no punches.

All these artists are in a race to the bottom of providing the meanest and most rancorous track, which is good news for the listener because it has resulted in a compilation that has that rare ability to not drag on and bewilder its audience with too much material. While it does seem remarkably slight, it does mean that the calibre of bands present are far greater than your usual comp and this is a decidedly good thing in this instance.

If you want a compilation that will make you throwdown in your home until it’s rubble, look no further. Just pick this up and bump it. Loud!

The Extermination Vol. 3 Track Listing:

01. Other Worlds – Terror
02. Average Man – Countdown
03. Hunt/Reprise – Disgrace
04. Shadow Walker – Manipulate
05. Hating You – Piece By Piece
06. Enter The Center – Take Offense
07. World Gone Mad – Higher Power
08. Invincible – Friend Or Foe
09. Naive To A World – D.C. Disorder

Run Time: 20:16
Release Date: November 11, 2016

Check out the full The Extermination Vol. 3 album stream


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