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UnCovered: Illvsionia Discuss the Metaphysics, Astronomy and Greek Mythology Themes in ‘Vrania’ Cover Artwork

Lyra Von Rose fronts Toronto, Canada’s Illvsionia and checked in with us to elaborate on the rad artwork of her band’s new constellations-themed EP, Vrania, which dropped on November 11th!



Fans of groups such as Northlane, Issues, Bring Me The Horizon, and Periphery are going to want to get to know Toronto, Canada’s Illvsionia. The four-piece, female-fronted group released their constellations-themed EP, Vrania (order yours RIGHT HERE) on November 11th and it features six bombastic tunes that blur the lines of djent, post-hardcore, metalcore and progressive rock. The culmination of 8 months of work, the release wouldn’t be as strong without the album’s killer cover artwork which was created by Jordan Salmon. Vocalist Lyra Von Rose tells us about the cover’s concept, creation and more!

What was the inspiration for the album’s cover artwork?
Von Rose: I wrote the lyrics based on metaphysics, astronomy and Greek mythology for all songs in Vrania, so I wanted an album cover that looked like a mystical star chart. Also Vrania was named after the astronomical star illustration cards “Urania’s mirror”, I sent Jordan my ideas along with it as a reference.

Your new album cover is crazy-cool. Tell us about the artist and how you find him/her?
Von Rose: Thank you. Jordan is a good friend of mine and also I’ve worked with him for my other projects before. I always loved his style and he has a great portfolio, he also did album covers for Intervals, Fit for a King, Anup Sastry, etc. Check him out on Instagram: @jordansalmon

What were the partnership’s dynamics like? For example, was a specific look given, or did the artist have full free range?
Von Rose: It’s been always very easy working with him since he’s a friend I’ve known for years. Soon after I sent him my ideas, he sent me a really cool draft with our logo merged on top which was his idea. I just told him a few minor changes we wanted, such as background colours, to look more like nebula or supernova. Then there was our album cover.

Have you ever purchased an album solely because of its album artwork? If yes, did the music live up to the artwork?
Von Rose: Many years ago I purchased Smashing Pumpkins’ Machina/The Machines of God and Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness because of the artworks. In fact, the iconic cover of Mellon Collie… is a collage of different paintings and I’m still fascinated by it. Quite frankly, I’m not a fan of Billy Corgan’s voice but I thought their music totally lived up to the artwork. I also think their music videos are very stylish and unique and visually represent their ideas very well.


When people look at the album cover artwork, what do you want them to see/think?
Von Rose: The mystery of the Universe – would we be able to solve and comprehend in our lifetime?

Do you prefer having the most creative control when you get a project, or do you prefer when the band gives you a lot of input?
Von Rose: When it comes to art directions I prefer having the most creative control. I’m also the stylist of the band, I select clothing, accessories, hair styles and themes for all our photoshoots and music videos. My bandmates are very open-minded and always willing to try out new things, and they always pull them off the way I imagine so I’m thankful.

How do you think the album art will affect the listener’s perception of your album?
Von Rose: I’m very confident to say the listeners would find the visual art and our sound very cohesive.

Check out the song “Moirai”

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