Having only heard a couple tracks from newer albums previous to this review, I’m new to this band for the most part. However, it’s not difficult to ascertain the groups’ unmistakable MO — which is neither a good nor a bad thing.

Formed in Texas back in the mid-2000s, this instrumental post-rock quartet—known for their cinematic passages and oft emotional sonic build up shows us where it all started ten years ago in the re-release of their debut Young Mountain. Throughout the 39 minute journey of primarily melancholy instrumental fare, we are taken through emotions and settings of hopelessness, peace, solemnness, and ethereality.

Musically, expect a lot of subtle, soft beginnings, delay and buildup, noisy distortion and tremolo picking reverb, with occasional use of strings and synth. All to showcase, and sometimes tearfully, the seeming hope of a cinematic soundscape. I was especially keen on the opener “Quiet”, “Grandfather Clock” and “Happiness: We’re All in This Together” while the extra track on this re-release, “Sleep”, is a nice addition, but not a favorite by any means.

I’ll admit there was nothing I was blown away by, but there is some very artful and moving stuff here.

Young Mountain (10th Anniversary Edition​)​ Track Listing:

01. Quiet
02. The World is our _____
03. I Believe in your Victory
04. Grandfather Clock
05. Happiness: We’re all in This Together
06. There are Some Remedies Worse than the Disease
07. Sleep

Run Time: 39:15
Release Date: November 4, 2016

Check out the track “Quiet”