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THE LOUNGE KITTENS Talk Us Through Their TOP 10 Favourite Metal Cover Songs [Exclusive]

Having put their own twist on your favourite metal classics, we thought it would be a bit of fun to ask Timia, Jen and Zan’s (AKA. The Lounge Kittens) what their favourite cover versions are. Read on to find out…



They’re well-known across the UK live scene for their awesome covers of your favourite rock and metal anthems and can even count Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst as a fan. Having just issued their gloriously fun debut album, Sequins & C-Bombs, featuring their renditions of tracks by Aerosmith, Drowning Pool and Metallica amongst others, we thought it would be a bit of fun to find out their favourite cover versions from other bands. Read on…

10. “Since You’ve Been Gone” – A Day To Remember (originally Kelly Clarkson)
– I love this so much – they took a ‘screw you ex boyfriend! I’m a strong independent woman who don’t need you!’ (*clicks fingers*) song that a woman scorned may sing at the top of their lungs in the club and basically musically lifted the lady up on their shoulders so they shout louder! Also, a double bass pedal in a Kelly Clarkson song is hilarious.

09. “Smooth Criminal” – Alien Ant Farm (originally Michael Jackson)
– I remember hearing this for the first time on MTV2 thinking… Yes! It’s one of my favourite MJ songs anyway, but I loved this cover because I could understand the lyrics, anytime I heard an ‘ow!’ I thought he was singing ‘meow!’ AND during the middle 8 guitar mega riff moment, the epic ‘hoo!’ made me practice high belting because I thought it sounded so good! Visually the video was hilarious too!

08. “Sweet Dreams” – Marilyn Manson (originally The Eurythmics)
– I love Manson’s drawl throughout the vocals on this song. It’s SO creepy and that’s the kicker isn’t it? Taking a song people thought they knew and turning it on its head. It’s as synonymous with Manson as it is with The Eurythmics.

07. “Cars” – Fear Factory (Originally Gary Numan)
– This was a STALWART down the Dungeon in Southampton when I was possibly too young to be there. We used to spend hours putting together themed lists of requests for the DJ and I remember this featuring on the ‘motor vehicle’ themed top ten. Haha, we were cool.

06. “Renegades of Funk” – Rage Against the Machine (originally Afrika Bambaataa)
– One of those tracks that’s so unrecognisable from the original it might as well be a different song. That’s my favourite kind of cover. And it’s just a great song to dance to isn’t it? I defy you to put it on and not start head nodding.

05. “Faith” – Limp Bizkit (originally George Michael)
– It’s been so many years and this song still makes me wanna hit the dancefloor. I once heard that Bizkit played this on their first ever tour, where audiences hated them and it was a real crowd turner. It resonates even more with me now because nostalgically it’s an important tune from my youth, but I know all too well now how the right cover thrown in at the right moment can change an audience’s perception of a band.

04. “Alejandro” – Helia (Originally by Lady Gaga)
– This is possibly my favourite Lady Gaga song anyway. This version just cracks me up, the ‘metal voice’ verses are hilarious, particularly the line where he sings “She’s not BROORRKORRN, SHE’S JOST ah BORRRBORRR” kills me. But then they bring in this cheesy pop-punky chorus which is infectiously fun and impossible not to bop along to. AND they’ve got that cool synth on the hook. Well done Helia.

03. “Crazy” – Mushroomhead (originally by Seal)
– I love a bit of Seal, his voice is like velvet and this song is already awesome. I liked how Mushroomhead stayed true to the original in terms of pace and structure, they just added extra balls and a jetpack. This was on SO many mix CDs I made back in the day! Nostalgia central.

02. “Get Lucky” – Halestorm (originally by Daft Punk)
– Again, a Metal cover of an already GREAT pop song. I love how dark the verses sound, her voice in the chorus though UNGHHH! I love how expressive and dynamic she makes that vocal line. KILLING IT.

01. “Rasputin” – Turisas (Originally by Boney M)
– BANGER BANGER BANGER. For me this version is so much more exciting than the original. Back in the Dungeon Club (where TLK was formed) when they closed the rock night with this tune, the dance floor would be COVERED in metal heads kicking their legs out in front of them to the “Ra-Ra-Rasputin…” bit in the chorus. I’ve been wanting to cover this cover with TLK for ages….

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