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The Answer – “Solas” [Album Review]

Irish rockers The Answer try something a little different on their new album Solas. Read our review to see if they’ve pulled it off…



The 11-track Solas is album number six from Northern Irish rockers The Answer, who first got together in 2000, and on it the bombastic four-piece take more of a risk, moving away from their popular classic rock sound into something that incorporates Gaelic influences (“Solas” is the Gaelic word for “light”).

The title track opens the proceedings and it is noticeably darker, musically and lyrically, than the type of songs Messrs Neeson, Mahon, Waters and Heatley have put out previously. “What the light don’t fill, the darkness kills,” sings Cormac Neeson with feeling. “Beautiful World” begins as a swirling folk-ish number before the guitars and a Robert Plant-esque scream kick in. There is something Led Zep-like about “Battle Cry” too, its mysticism soothing in its thoughtful reflection.

I also enjoyed the Gaelic touches and warm sentiment of “In This Land”. After a couple of introspective numbers, the frenetic “Left Me Standing” picks up the pace. “Demon Driven Man” then offers the kind of infectious groove that one can’t help but tap the foot along to. “Tunnel” is an ideal closing number, benefiting enormously from the soaring background vocals and Hammond organ.

I love The Answer and have done so since I saw them open for Aerosmith at Hyde Park Calling in 2007. This album does nothing to diminish my feelings for the band and, although I probably do slightly prefer their earlier stuff, their willingness to break new ground and try different things is most admirable. A fine effort.

Solas Track Listing:

01. Solas
02. Beautiful World
03. Battle Cry
04. Untrue Colour
05. In This Land
06. Thief of Light
07. Being Begotten
08. Left Me Standing
09. Demon Driven Man
10. Real Life Dreamers
11. Tunnel

Run Time: 61:42
Release Date: October 28, 2016

Check out the track “Solas”