Regardless of what you think about Phil Anselmo and his recent negative press coverage, it’s hard to ignore the importance of the man to the metal scene over the last three decades and, well, as far as I’m concerned, no matter whether it is in Down, Pantera, Superjoint or many of the other projects he is involved in, there is something about his gruff, gravelly vocals that just send a shiver down my spine and that’s exactly what happens as soon as he opens his mouth to bark his way through “Today And Tomorrow”, the opening track on Caught Up In The Gears Of Application.

A typical Housecore/Anselmo band, Superjoint (the name they’re now going under), dish up exactly the kind of record that fans of Anselmo are expecting. A hulking great slab of dirty riffs matched by an equally dirty production job, the likes of “Sociopathic Herd Delusion” and “Rigging The Fight” see Anselmo marry his abrasive vocals with nasty, sub-three minute blasts of punkish sounds to create a real dirty noise.

“Clickbait” is as blunt as the title would have you expect as Anselmo spits his anger and vitriol with an extra ounce of venom. There are many points where this vitriol and unbridled rage being unleashed by the band sees the album teeter on the edge of an absolute musical meltdown but, somehow, every time, Superjoint pull it back whether it is with a crushing riff, a filthy groove or Anselmo scything down anything that stupidly thinks of standing in his way.

Like much of Anselmo’s post-Pantera work, Caught Up In The Gears Of Application won’t be to everyone’s taste. It’s a gloriously rough piece of work that is everything you could want from the Housecore Records label, so it just remains to be seen if the press are as quick to heap (very deserved it has to be said) praise on this record as they have been to hang Anselmo out to dry in recent months.

Caught Up In The Gears Of Application Track Listing:

01. Today And Tomorrow
02. Burning The Blanket
03. Ruin You
04. Caught Up In The Gears Of The Application
05. Sociopathic Herd Delusion
06. Circling The Drain
07. Clickbait
08. Asshole
09. Mutts Bite Too
10. Rigging The Fight
11. Receiving No Answer To The Knock

Run Time: 38:08
Release Date: November 11, 2016

Check out the track “Ruin Me”


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