Currently in between albums, the independent Pennsylvania metalcore band, I Hate Heroes, are promoting their latest single, “Now or Never” (purchase your copy RIGHT HERE. Release on July 6, 2016, “Now or Never” is yet another perfect example of the group’s mix of metal, post-hardcore and pop punk. With a debut full-length in the works, we caught up with the guys ahead of American Thanksgiving to get the lowdown on the TOP 10 things for which they’re thankful.

10. Creative Expression
– We’re thankful that we get to express ourselves creatively – Many times, people are flowing with great ideas and emotions and have trouble finding a way to portray it. Being in I Hate Heroes allows us to express our emotions and ideas through our music and lyrics and share them with others.

09. Doing What One Loves
– We’re thankful we get to do what we love – We are all extremely passionate about music and the way it can make you feel. Everything about a song, the guitars, drums, vocals, all are part of a story that the song, the musicians are trying to tell to its listeners. Being able to play on stage the music you created in front of crowd and watching people enjoy it is a feeling that can’t be put into words.

08. Exploring the World
– We’re thankful we get to travel and see new places – Everywhere we go, we try to make time to see places we haven’t gotten a chance to see before. Whether it’s a beach, mall, or anything in between, we like to take some time prior to a show or on an off day and hang out at a new spot we haven’t been to.

07. Positive Life Impact
– We’re thankful if we get to make an impact on even one person’s life – This is one of the biggest things we could be thankful for. It is the most rewarding feeling when anyone reaches out and says that our music has made a difference in their life or helped them out in some way. The fact that we can express a situation through music and connect with the person on a deeper level and help them through what they may be going through is amazing and the best thing in the world to us.

06. Sharing Positivism
– We’re thankful we get to spread a positive message – In a world filled with negativity, it is important to us to spread positivity. Too many times people are brought down, outcasted, or feel the need to give into the “status quo”. We like to spread a message to be yourself, don’t let anything stand in the way of anything you want to accomplish and don’t let anyone bring you down. The music scene should be a community that people can turn to, where everyone is accepted and there’s always someone there to pick you back up, and that’s what we believe in and want to share with everyone else.

05. Meeting New People
– We’re thankful we get to meet and work with people we look up to – This ranges from playing one show with a band that you grew up listening to on Pandora or YouTube, to being produced by someone that’s in a band you listen to, or people in the industry. When you meet them and talk to someone who inspired you to do what you do, you get to learn more about the person behind the musician and learn their story and inspirations and have a very genuine conversation.

04. Helping Others
– We’re thankful we get to help people overcome tough situations – We always tell anyone if you need someone to talk to reach out to us. We are very easy going and are there for anyone that needs a friend. All too often people feel like they have no one they can turn to, and that they have to hide their emotions, or maybe they are just too afraid to talk to someone they know because they don’t want to be judged. Remember that no matter what, you are not alone, and us along with a lot of other bands and musicians are here for you.

03. The Fans!
– We’re thankful that we have the best supporters a band could ask for – This can be someone who has come to one show, makes an effort to come to every show, talks to us online, anyone. Every single person that supports us is amazing. Those who know us know exactly how much we appreciate our fans and we could not be more thankful for everything they do for us. You’ll always have a special place in our hearts and always be the biggest part of what makes us who we are.

02. Family
– We’re thankful for each other – We are all like brothers to each other (with the exception of Nick and Ricky who are literally, biological brothers), and we grew a special bond between us. We are really close and are always there for one another, but then we’ll turn around and crack jokes at someone’s expense, but it’s always light-hearted and we’re always laughing at the end.

01. Friendship
– We’re thankful that we have created friendships through our music – Some of our best friends to this day we would most likely never have met or talked to had it not been for this band. We have gained friends from all over, some that we talk to every so often and some we will talk to almost on a daily basis.

Check out the song “Now or Never”


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