Things that help make a good record: when you have a band of musicians with obvious chemistry and time together in the swing. Such is that chemistry that even old and tried-and-true stuff can sound new. Now, things that help make a great record: when the warm tone and dynamic feel of said already good band, meets with a superb production to spice things to perfection. For those who’ve dined on the likes of Kyuss, Clutch, and Egypt, you know what I say to be true. The results can indeed be something very magical when the timing for all these elements come into play. Such is Geezer’s self-titled, second full-length album.

One of this band’s most endearing qualities is their honesty, and it is unmissable. Lead-off track “Sunday Speed Demon” is, I think, the finest intro to the band and what they’re about, than what you’re likely to hear from most other bands nowadays. A good strong, thick, blues-laden rock anthem, that totally puts you in an eager mood for the rest of this album. Been a few years since their debut, and a couple more since Gage, but the simmer for this new opus definitely needed it’s time.

Touseull and Turco mean business, as they hold down the densest, coolest low end for Mr. Harrington’s vocals and soaring guitar work to plot the course of. Truthfully, all I can do is point out some highlights like “Sun Gods”, “One Leg Up”, and “Superjam Maximus”, and those are just current ones; I’ll have new favorites in a few days. Point is, only a band, either by a combination of existence and relentless touring, can get to a stage of just owning whatever it is that they do; which these guys have clearly done.

Ripple Music will be handling CD and digital formats while STB Records will handle any vinyl expectations you have. Your job, if you love stoner, doom, heavy or hard rock, is to get this somehow. It’s a rare thing to hear an album once and know you’ll be listening to it a great deal henceforth; very glad that’s the case here. A top contender for 2016 into 2017; these boys be calling for your full attention!

Geezer Track Listing:

01. Sunday Speed Demon
02. One Leg Up
03. Sun Gods
04. Bi-Polar Vortex
05. Dust
06. Hangnail Crisis
07. Superjam Maximus
08. Stoney Pony

Run Time: 51:22
Release Date: November 18, 2016

Check out the blazing lead-off track “Sunday Speed Demon”