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Forever Still – “Tied Down” [Album Review]

Does the band need another goth-lite band from Europe or have Danish band Forever Still got what it takes to knock Lacuna Coil off their throne? Read our review of their new album to find out what we think…



When a band is described as being “for fans of Lacuna Coil” what that usually means is they sound exactly like Lacuna Coil so, if you’ve heard Lacuna Coil, you’ve heard “X” band. Is that the case with Danish newcomers Forever Still and their full-length debut Tied Down?

Well, in a nutshell, yes but, in the case of the Danes, it’s hard to not like what they’re putting out on Tied Down, especially considering Maja Schønning clearly has a powerful set of lungs at her disposal. Other than that, tracks like “Scars” and “Miss Madness” are what the mainstream metal press have dubbed “goth-lite”. Big soaring vocals, a polished sound and the kind of melodic edge that turned bands like Evanescence and Lacuna Coil into magazine cover stars.

However, what the band have in their armoury, as demonstrated on songs like “Your Light” and the title track, is a harder side which will help them sit comfortably with those of you who like your goth-metal to be a bit punchier. Basically, what Forever Still do has been done to death, especially in the European scene but, it’s hard to listen to Tied Down and not deny that they do it well.

Sitting somewhere between the edgier, nastier side of things populated by Maria Binks and the mainstream goth rock leaders like Cristina Scabbia and Amy Lee, puts Maja Schønning kind of in a no-mans land. Has she and her bandmates got what it takes to take on the big hitters of the modern goth metal scene? Only time will tell but, for now, Forever Still is a solid start.

Tied Down Track Listing:

01. Scars
02. Once Upon A Nightmare
03. Miss Madness
04. Awake The Fire
05. Breathe In
06. Save Me
07. Your Light
08. Alone
09. Break The Glass
10. Tied Down

Run Time: 44:34
Release Date: October 21, 2016

Check out the track “Save Me”

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