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Exist Immortal – “Breathe” [Album Review]

Exist Immortal may not do anything radically new on their new album Breathe but there is a certain class about the way they set about their brand of tech-metal. Read our review here…



Tech-metal bands usually fall into three categories – there are the ones, like Heart Of A Coward, who sound like they’re battering your head against a wall while there are also bands like Tesseract and Periphery who add a progressive twist to the genre to create something quite unique. Then, there are bands like Exist Immortal who sit somewhere in the middle ground demonstrating, as they do on their impressive new offering Breathe, how to deliver a sound that is both jackhammer heavy and full of depth.

Of course, if your musical persuasion sees you leaning towards the progressive/tech-metal scene then there isn’t anything on Breathe that is particularly new but every element of Exist Immortal’s full, layered sound is done with a certain class. From the thick, beefy guitar sound to the blend of clean/harsh vocals to the calmer, melodic swathes of sound that Exist Immortal weave into their music, Breathe is a classy piece of work.

“Saviour” kicks the album off in explosive fashion and there are similar moments, such as “Follow Alone” and “Escape” where the Londoners display their heavier side with ferocious precision. However, as you’ll learn throughout the album, there are also plenty of times when the band display a calmer side, whether it be through soothing melodies or just the use of clean vocals, nothing new as I’ve already said but, as is clear to see, the mix works particularly well for these Londoners.

Two albums into their career now and, listening to Breathe, it’s apparent that Exist Immortal have found their niche and, while this isn’t the most original set of songs you’re going to hear from a tech-metal band, there is certainly plenty on here to keep fans happy.

Breathe Track Listing:

01. Saviour
02. In Hindsight
03. Invisible Lines
04. Misconduct
05. Follow Alone
06. Erode
07. Escape
08. Lucid
09. Breathe
10. Release
11. Chi

Run Time: 46:20
Release Date: October 28, 2016

Check out the track “Follow Alone”

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