Fans of melodic punk rock rejoice, because Quebecois group Colorsfade is here to supply your latest 3-song shot of adrenaline. On November 15th the quartet released their latest EP, Scream in Silence and it kicks off at a breakneck pace with “I4NI”.

Here we find layered guitars that bring to mind Rise Against’s superb Siren Song of the Counter Culture though the song starts to feel monotonous, and it’s sometimes hard to hear the vocals and guitar properly. Next comes “Frozen in Time”, easily the best song on the EP, which grows into an aggressive, nuanced, and deeply satisfying track. The final song is a fun surprise: a cover of the theme song from “The Littlest Hobo”, an ’80s Canadian TV show about a stray German Shepherd. I love the ballsy quirkiness it took to even attempt the cover, and for the most part, they pull it off.

It’s not a perfect EP, but Scream In Silence is most definitely worth a listen.

Scream In Silence Track Listing:

01. I4NI
02. Frozen In Time
03. Maybe Tomorrow

Run Time: 7:13
Release Date: November 15, 2016

Check out the track “I4NI”