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Big Dog’s Bits & Bites Podcast: #001 feat Chris Hager of Ratt/Rough Cutt and Excuses Excuses

Welcome to the inaugural episode of PureGrainAudio’s new podcast, Big Dog’s Bits & Bites, featuring your host, Benny Henderson Jr. So much is covered and so much is planned…. let’s just get into it!



– Benny discusses 80’s/90’s hairbands and their flamboyant styles. Musician’s reactions to Donald Trump winning the election. Justin Bieber punching a fan in Barcelona. We hear some rad new music from bands such as Blacktop Mojo and Excuses Excuses. And, we look back on music and world history between the week of November 29th through December 5th.

01. Chris Hager of Ratt/Rough Cutt (guitar)
– Chris and Benny discuss the days of hair metal and how bands wore too much makeup, and hairspray, as well as their flamboyant clothing styles. They also touch on the topic of the namesake of Ratt and Bobby Blotzer having control of it now. Chris reminisces about his time with his mentor, former producer, the late great Ronnie James Dio.

02. Excuses Excuses w/ Kyle Wilton (vocals/guitar)
– Benny and Kyle discuss his musical influences, the band’s new single “The Outsider”, as well as their newly-released debut EP, Frame of Mind.

01. Blacktop Mojo – “Where the Wind Blows”
02. Stuck Mojo – “The Business of Hate”
03. Ratt – “Way Cool Jr.”
04. Stuck Mojo – “Charles Bronson”
05. Excuses Excuses – “The Outsider”
06. Blacktop Mojo – “I Am”