A band that through its career has been no stranger to testing the limits, The Sword have returned with a bare bones rendition of their 2015 album High Country. Low Country should not be mistaken for an acoustic the likes of which we have seen so many others fail at before.

Packed with foot stomps, hand claps, brass instruments and a deliciously-impressive production, The Sword have come to prove that they haven’t just rewritten a hit album. With a little Bob Segar truck stop flare, Low Country kicks up enough dust to make any of their Texan brethren proud.

Notable tracks include “Early Temples”, “Mist & Shadow” and “Early Snow”, and with an interesting take on “Buzzards”, this is definitely a recording not to pass up.

Low Country Track Listing:

01. Unicorn Farm
02. Empty Temples
03. High Country
04. Mist & Shadow
05. Seriously Mysterious
06. Early Snow
07. The Dreamthieves
08. Buzzards
09. Ghost Eye
10. The Bees of Spring

Run Time: 32:07
Release Date: September 23, 2016

Check out the song “The Dreamthieves”