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THE NEARLY DEADS TOP Share Their TOP 10 Worst Stereotypes About Female-Fronted Bands [Exclusive]

Theresa Jeane, lead vocalist for the Nashville, TN-based alternative rock band, The Nearly Deads, was king enough to bang out this awesome TOP 10 list of the WORST stereotypes about female-fronted bands!



Nashville, TN-based band The Nearly Deads released their latest album, Invisible Tonight, about two years ago and as such are currently hard at work on new music! Lead vocalist Theresa Jeane and her awesome crew (Steve Tobi, Javier Garza, Josh Perrone, and Kevin Koelsch) are throwing around her pop vocals and the group’s grunge-inspired hard rock with the intention of releasing a new EP in January (get all of the details and help out now via PledgeMusic). So, in hopes that we’ll help them to promote the campaign and new music, TJ was king enough to bang out an awesome TOP 10 for us… here are her WORST stereotypes about female-fronted bands!

10. Female-Fronted is a genre!
– Rock, punk, alternative, Celtic metal, death metal, pop, pop-punk, post grunge, new wave, techno… last time I checked, having a ‘chick’ in the band didn’t define our genre of music. It’s belittling and sets us all back. All hail feminism! If you don’t know what to call us, try calling us a ‘band’. Yes, female-fronted is an accurate way to describe us, but so is male-fronted, and you almost never hear that one! And believe it or not, we don’t always want to play ‘girls nite’ or ‘women of rock night’ at every bar and club we play. Just because two bands have female leads doesn’t mean their music makes sense on a bill together. It’s not a bad move, venues need to make money and people do love to see a bunch of hot chicks rock out, but it gets old. It’s like when Bic made that ridiculous “Just for Her” pink pen. Just a thought.

09. The word “Chick”!
– While we’re on it, let’s all stop using the word ‘chick’, ok? We’ve had the pleasure of meeting, playing with, sharing the stage, and touring with some of the most inspiring, intelligent, talented, beautiful, and creative musicians we’ve ever met, both male AND female. Maybe it’s personal, but I hate the word chick. Unless we’re talking about “Chick-Fil-A” and it’s not Sunday.

– PARAMORE. Not only is it kind of completely rude to compare bands to each other in general…it’s even WORSE when you have a girl in your band. ‘Hey you guys sound like Paramore!’. Yep, years of hard work, education, training, practice, and life experiences that shape the music we make, just happen to sound exactly like this other band, who happens to be female-fronted! Even Hayley Williams had to shoot down haters from comparing her to Avril Lavigne in the beginning. (side note I am a HUGE Avril Lavigne fan). People just CAN’T let female-fronted bands be. It is a shallow comparison, and I, for one, wish people paid more attention to the actual music. I know, I know…most people think it’s a compliment. But trust me, it gets OLD. We’re all just one big band, Paramore, us, and every other band with a girl. We all make the same music. Never mind the literal THOUSANDS of male-fronted bands making the exact same music over and over again! *insert Kermit sipping tea meme*

07. Women are all BITCHES!
– We’re all BITCHES. Ah, the dreaded B-word. If only we gave a shit what you thought of us. The truth is, that behavior such as being distant, aggressive, mysterious, creative, lost in our own thoughts, on vocal rest, tired, cranky, hungry, etc. that most front-people experience on a tour are really amplified when you’re a woman. Everyone scrutinizes and just can’t WAIT for you to turn out to be a HUGE BITCH. People expect women to be perfect and pretty and ‘on’, ALL THE TIME, but then pounce on them the minute they act human. God forbid we have a bad day. God forbid we stand up for what we believe in, get aggressive when we have to, and get the job done. It’s a double standard that women have been dealing with their entire lives. You know what though? Every single other front-woman I’ve ever met has been one of the sweetest, nicest, most humble, caring human beings I’ve ever met. Women lift each other up. We don’t see music as a competition. We see what we do as just what it is. Slaying in a male-dominated world actually UNITES us, so maybe get to know us once in a while. We might defy your expectations.

06. Women are all sleeping with EVERYONE!
– We’re sleeping with EVERYONE. Yep you heard it here! It’s all just one big orgy all the time… We don’t care about the music at all! In fact the only reason we are in this band anyway is because we just wanted to impress some guy! Get REAL. Have some respect. Not everyone is dating their band members. Do people ask that question when they interview an all-male band? I didn’t think so. Because it happens to be irrelevant to the music.

05. Tour with women is high-maintenance!
– Going on tour with a girl is super high-maintenance. Let me tell you something – I can get ready for a show in 10 minutes if I have to. Hair, makeup, everything. I’ve absolutely seen guys take longer to primp for a show than me. Yeah, I’ll admit I do pack a little heavier than most, but no more than anyone else hitting the road for a month. I’ve slept in the van with my guys, I’ve peed in the woods. I’ve peed in a plastic baggie. I’ve thrown up on the side of the road. I’ve gone 3 days without a shower. I’ve gone weeks without shaving my legs! I help load gear, sling my own merch, and shower in the sink at a truck stop bathroom. I can brush my teeth with a bottle of water and a toothbrush in a parking lot. But mess with my hairspray supply and we’ve got problems.

04. Women can only write break-up songs!
– EVERY song is a break-up song. No offense to T Swift, but some of us have more to talk about then our latest heartbreak. Would you be shocked if I told you that women sing about the same stuff men do? Relationships, of course…but also so much more! Social issues, politics, and finding ourselves in this journey called life. We even have a song about cats! Dig a little deeper next time you listen and you might be surprised. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to a song the 2nd time through and got something completely different out of it. It’s like going back and watching Fight Club (my favorite movie) and seeing even MORE details that you never thought were significant the first time around. Meaning in music is subjective anyway, so I hope our fans hear our music and take whatever meaning they might happen to need from it at any given moment.

03. Women are all liberal, man-hating feminists!
– We’re all a bunch of liberal, man-hating feminists! I actually don’t know any women in bands who are like this. Even the lesbians. Being in a band isn’t some sort of statement for women to make against the patriarchy…it’s uh…just what we DO. Because we love music.

02. Women can’t be in that band!
– Are you SURE you’re with the band? Yeah buddy, I am. Did you not see my picture on all the posters promoting this show? WHY are bouncers so quick to wave men backstage but freak out as soon as a pretty girl walks by? Truth be told, I know of several men who have been able to flash a badge, sneak into shows, and get waved right through security because they ‘look’ like band members. Me, showing up for load-in in my sweats with no makeup have to sit and get the 3rd degree from some disrespectful security guard who actually believed I was LYING about being in the band. Yeah, we’re in the band, with the band, the kazoo player in the band, whatever – not just the girlfriend, groupie, or merch girl! Thankfully this is one that has been getting better as the years go on…as more men realize what a complete dick they look like after they’ve realized they’ve just been like, SUPER sexist.

01. Female-Fronted bands have it harder!
– It’s hard to be in a female-fronted band. It’s not hard, it’s awesome. I’m the luckiest person in the world. I have an amazing band, full of my best friends, and we get to play music we love every single night. I get to live my dream and inspire other people. I pray for the day journalists stop asking that dreaded “what’s the worst part about being a girl in a band” question and move the discussion back onto the actual music where it belongs. I never know what they expect me to say! “Boys are gross”? News flash, the worst part about being a girl in a band- is “being asked that question.”

“The Electric Angels Tour” Dates (w/ Valora):

10/28 – Sioux City, IA @ Chesterfield
10/29 – O’Neill, NE @ Chesterfield West
10/31 – Sioux Falls, SD @ Bigs Bar
11/02 – Keokuk, IA @ L-Treyns
11/03 – Minneapolis, MN @ The Park
11/09 – Green Bay, WI @ Phat Headz
11/10 – South Bend, IN @ Cheers
11/11 – Bloomington, IN @ Rhino’s
11/13 – Indianapolis, IN @ The Sinking Ship
11/15 – Columbus, OH @ Double Happiness
11/17 – Toledo, OH @ Frankie’s
11/20 – Harrison, OH @ Blue Note

Check out the song “My Evil Ways”

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