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Suicidal Tendencies – “World Gone Mad” [Album Review]

Even with Dave Lombardo sat behind the kit, hardcore veterans Suicidal Tendencies deliver more of the same chaotic skater thrash we’ve come to expect from the band. Read our review of their latest album World Gone Mad here…



Everybody loves a bit of a Suicidal Tendencies! Skaters, thrashers, punks, metalheads, hardcore kids.. we all love some of the insanity that is Suicidal Tendencies and their crossover thrash. World Gone Mad is the hardcore punks’ latest album and, even with the mighty talents of Dave Lombardo behind the kit, three tracks in and it would appear nothing has changed one jot.

Having been running riot since the 1990’s, as the band showed on their dates in the UK with Slipknot earlier in the year, age has not tamed this beast one bit. Despite a couple of line-up changes, listening to the addition of Lombardo as he pummels his way around his drums on “Living For Life” to a soundtrack of frantic hardcore skater punk, you could say they’re the perfect match.

Elsewhere, it is business as usual for Mike Muir and the rest of Suicidal Tendancies with the mosh-friendly stomp of “Happy Never After” followed by the furious “One Finger Salute”, where again Lombardo lets go on his kit to a soundtrack of 100mph skater thrash that could only come from Suicidal Tendencies. Overseeing it all is the master of ceremonies Mike Muir who, as he has done for the last twelve albums, flawlessly delivers his scathing, skittish lyrical commentary.

Suicidal Tendencies are one of those bands who never really make too much of a fuss, they simply set about their business doing what they do and doing it really well. World Gone Mad is simply nothing more than another great addition to a catalogue that is full of great albums that a whole generation of the ST Army live by.

World Gone Mad Track Listing:

01. Clap Like Ozzy
02. The New Degeneration
03. Living For Life
04. Get Your Fight On!
05. World Gone Mad
06. Happy Never After
07. One Finger Salute
08. Damage Control
09. The Struggle Is Real
10. Still Dying To Live
11. This World

Run Time: 56:19
Release Date: September 30, 2016

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