Taken from their new EP, The Lion Tree, which is due out on October 21st, 2016, we’re happy to premiere a stream of the new single, “The Nurse & the Wine Maker”, from Brooklyn-based alt-rockers, St. Van Cortlandt & the 101. At just under 3 minutes long, this track spends its entire life building up to a delightful climax.

Said the band about the new “The Nurse & the Wine Maker” song:

“We believe that whatever genre you’re working in, it is an artist’s responsibility to shy away from familiarity and expectation in pursuit the of the purest form of emotional expression. With ‘The Nurse & the Wine Maker’ we did everything we could get away with to break the traditional verse/chorus/verse format, but we did it because the subject matter demanded it. The 2-act song structure represents the duality of a life before and after a traumatic event, in this case, the moment my mother threw my father out of the house. The layered, conversational style of the bass and lead guitar, the poly-rhythms, the haunting harmonies, even the dual harmonica solo, all evoke the idea of duality that we experience in all relationships. The relationship between a husband and a wife, between a child and his/her parents, between innocence and maturity, between history and memory, between reality and our perceptions.”


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