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Sodom – “Decision Day” [Album Review]

Judging by the razor-sharp thrash on Sodom’s latest offering, Decision Day, plenty of young bands could do a lot worse than give this a listen to see how it is done…



In today’s musical culture it is no small feat to have a career that spans 30 years and 15 albums, but that is exactly what the Sodom, the German thrash metal stalwarts, have done. Decision Day, their latest offering, is exactly what you would expect from a Sodom record and just because there are no surprises herein does not mean this isn’t a solid thrasher.

The neck-snapping party gets started with “In Retribution” and the remainder of the disc follows suit. The razor-sharp riffs turned in by guitarist Bernd Kost provide the perfect pallet for Tom Angelripper’s signature blackened tinged vocals. Decision Day does not reinvent the wheel by any means, but it sure is a satisfying head banging listen.

I think a lot of groups these days could learn a thing or two from the guys in Sodom; I find it quite amazing that after so many years they are still cranking out relevant music while staying true to their original vision and sound.

Decision Day Track Listing:

01. In Retribution
02. Rolling Thunder
03. Decision Day
04. Caligula
05. Who is God
06. Strange Lost World
07. Vaginal Born Evil
08. Belligerence
09. Blood Lions
10. Sacred Warpath
11. Refused To Die


Run Time: 55:22
Release Date: August 26, 2016

Check out the track “Caligula”