Senses Fail recently landed at the House of Blues in Boston after kicking off touring with As It Is and Sum 41 on the “Don’t Call It A Sum-Back Tour” this fall. With the audience singing along song after song, these guys worked hard to put on a great show for their fans.

Buddy (vocalist) had the fanciest mic work I have yet to see – it flew behind his back, under a leg, and over his head so quickly that it was often surprising that it made it back in his hand in time for the next verse. If you so much as blinked during the set, you might have missed Buddy cartwheel across the stage. The energy in the House of Blues was at its peak during Senses Fail’s set, making them the highlight of the Don’t Call It A Sum-Back Tour in my book. With the tour running through the beginning of November, make sure to get out and check these guys out.