Canadian DJ REZZ has just released her EP Something Wrong Here, and don’t let the “techno” label throw you off. The EP is an absolute must for fans of any and all electronic music. At just 21-years old, REZZ is taking the underground electronic scene by storm and disrupting longstanding notions of what “techno” really is. She has even captured the attention of such legends as deadmou5, who handpicked Something Wrong Here for release via his own mou5trap Records.

If her impressive repertoire still leaves you unconvinced that REZZ is an utter producer-prodigy, just listen to the new track “Melancholy”, featuring ethereal guest vocals by the up and coming singer Laura Brehm. The short and sweet song has no shortage of catchy and volatile electro beats, complemented by Brehm’s stunning singing. The track is reminiscent of Krewella’s early work, merging the worlds of techno, pop and indie.

Though techno is often thought to be static music, REZZ mixes it up and puts her own creepy spin on it, especially on the songs “Selector” and “Voice In The Wall”. Something Wrong Here could very well be the soundtrack for the next Nightmare On Elm Street installation. There is no shortage of ominous vibes or heavy metallic beats, and REZZ keeps it volatile throughout.

Keep this EP on hand for your next Halloween party!

Something Wrong Here Track Listing:

01. Purple Gusher
02. Selector
03. Melancholy
04. Cryptic
05. Voice In The Wall
06. Paranoid

Run Time: 24:39
Release Date: October 7, 2016

Check out the EP Something Wrong Here