Red Fang is a band, in my opinion, that should be more well-known than they already are. Their videos are legendary, they’ve toured with some of the bigger names in heavy music, yet there’s a large segment of the music loving population that still haven’t heard of them.

That’s the problem when Kanye West and Beyoncé own the commercial radio airwaves, the real talent gets bumped for talentless garbage. Hopefully Red Fang’s latest effort, Only Ghosts, will fall upon virgin ears and turn them into instant fans!

140 Character Review:

Portland darlings Red Fang definitely delivered the goods on their fourth release. Only Ghosts gets my vote for best rock album of 2016!

Only Ghosts Track Listing:

01. Flies
02. Cut it Short
03. Flames
04. No Air
05. Shadows
06. Not for You
07. The Smell of the Sound
08. The Deep
09. I Am a Ghost
10. Living in Lye

Run Time: 39:57
Release Date: October 14, 2016

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