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Opeth – “Sorceress” [Album Review]

With twelfth album Sorceress, Opeth continue on the next phase on their evolutionary path. Read our review here…



Throughout their career, Opeth have continually evolved their sound and style, from a progressive death metal band of their early works to the straight-up prog band that they have become today. That evolution has taken place over numerous albums with their twelfth release, Sorceress, looking to be the next phase on their evolutionary path.

The title track is where Sorceress really gets going with an introduction that wouldn’t be out of place in an old video game before an almost regimental riff takes over. “Will O The Wisp” will have an almost calming effect on you before “Chrysalis” picks up the tempo, at least for the first five minutes of the song, before its slowed right back down again. But the combination makes for the standout track of the album.

There is no denying that Opeth, and Mikael Akerfeldt in particular, are one of the most forward thinking bands/individuals in metal today and Sorceress is another example (as if you needed one) that they can pretty much write anything they like with guaranteed results. It almost goes without saying that this is a great album that should be listened to but, above everything, it’s an hour’s worth of truly beautiful music.

Sorceress Track Listing:

01. Persephone
02. Sorceress
03. The Wilde Flowers
04. Will O The Wisp
05. Chrysalis
06. Sorceress 2
07. The Seventh Sojourn
08. Strange Brew
09. A Fleeting Glance
10. Era
11. Persephone (Slight Return)

Run Time: 58:16
Release Date: September 30, 2016

Check out the track “Will O The Wisp”