Obituary is giving their fans a gift just in time for Halloween; the new release Ten Thousand Ways To Die is more or less a live album, but with two brand new studio tracks. The live tracks come via their 2015 “Inked In Blood” world tour and encapsulates the classic Obituary setlist. The two new tracks are really par for the course for Obituary; they are swampy stompin’ jams with their own flavor of Florida death metal attached to them.

“Loath” is the first track on Ten Thousand Ways To Die and if you’ve been a fan of Obituary for any given length of time, it has all the hallmarks of any of their songs. It has John Tardy’s trademark screams and growls, it has groove, it has those screaming whammy bar dives, and it has a plodding rhythm that pounds you into submission…you getting my point yet??? It’s just Obituary doing what they do best! So if you need an appetizer before Obituary releases their next album in the spring of 2017, this is it.

Ten Thousand Ways To Die Track Listing:

01. Loathe
02. Ten Thousand Ways to Die
03. Redneck Stomp
04. Centuries of Lies
05. Visions in My Head
06. Intoxicated
07. Bloodsoaked
08. Dying
09. Find the Arise
10. Til Death
11. Don’t Care
12. Chopped in Half
13. Slowly We Rot

Run Time: 54:40
Release Date: October 21, 2016

Check out the song “Loathe”