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LIGHT THE SKIES Give us a Track-By-Track Lowdown on Their New EP ‘Human’ [Exclusive]

Birmingham rockers Light The Skies have just issued their new EP Human and have given us the lowdown on each of the six tracks right here…



Formed during their college days in 2013 and coming at you from Birmingham, Light The Skies sound like the backwater cousins of Bring Me The Horizon, Don Broco and August Burns Red. Having gigged in London, Yorkshire, the North West and throughout the Midlands, as well as supporting with Ghost Town, Palisades, Boy Jumps Ship, Alverez Kings, Scream Blue Murder, Lock & Key, Beyond Recall and Templeton Pek the band have just issued their new EP, entitled Human.

Following the release of the EP, the band gave us the inside story on what inspired each of the tracks. Read on:

1. “Animals”
This track has a catchy chorus, soaring melodies, heavy breakdowns and hard hitting lyrics that highlight the overcoming complications in life, what else could you want on track No.1 on the EP!

2. “Distractions”
The main single from the latest EP Human, this hooky tune received over 2.5k views on Facebook and over 6,000 views on YouTube. It was written about how concentration can be tough when you are surrounded by all kinds of distractions. You won’t be skipping this great sing-a-long track!

3. “Acclimate”
The third song on the EP and this one definitely has a very dramatic chorus. It’s all about friends who break your trust, but if you can’t relate, then it’s a great song to mosh to! It will definitely have you on your feet by the end of the track.

4. “Looking Back”
This song is a fun ditty, a great ‘feel good’ track, yet it’s based around the theme of betrayal and being careful whom you associate yourself with. Either way, it’s really hard to feel down when listening to this.

5. “Ourselves”
A short and sweet, heartfelt acoustic song which was written about what it means to be an outcast. If you are feeling low, this song will be the one to pick you back up.

6. “Distance”
This one is the perfect way to end the EP, huge strings, powerful melodies and meaningful lyrics about the band’s adventures and the places we’d love to see in the future, definitely a big way to go out!

Check out the song “Distractions”

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