For over a quarter of a century Crowbar have been at forefront of the NOLA scene, releasing album after album of heaving, punishing sludge that has seen them create quite a legacy and become one of the most influential metal bands of all time. With eleventh offering The Serpent Only Lies the group looks to continue that legacy.

As soon as the opening riff on opening track “Falling While Rising” hits, you get the feeling that this is release isn’t going to disappoint, and you’d be right. The huge riffage continues on tracks like “I Am The Storm” and “Embracing The Light” but it is a couple of songs midway through the album that one uncovers the real highlights. Both the title track and “The Enemy Beside You” could easily slide into a Crowbar greatest hits set.

The Serpent Only Lies is one hell of a listen, it only serves as a reminder of what a truly great band Crowbar are, as if you needed one. Yes it sounds like pretty much every other Crowbar album, but when it’s this good, do you really care? I certainly don’t.

The Serpent Only Lies Track Listing:

01. Falling While Rising
02. Plasmic And Pure
03. I Am The Storm
04. Surviving The Storm
05. The Serpent Only Lies
06. The Enemy Beside You
07. Embrace The Light
08. On Holy Ground
09. Song Of The Dunes
10. As I Heal

Run Time: 44:59
Release Date: October 28, 2016

Check out the track “Plasmic And Pure”