Following a small break and line-up change, Ottawa’s melodic metal quintet Chariots Of The Gods are back with their second offering, Ages Unsung, an album that offers itself up to fans of Trivium, In Flames and Children Of Bodom. So, having set the bar quite high because, let’s face it, in terms of melodic metal, the three artists mentioned are certainly up there at the top of the pack, does Ages Unsung hit those heights?

Sadly no, it falls a little short of the mark. Having listened to it a few times now, Ages Unsung is one of those albums that you find you just can’t get emotionally attached to. The mark of a good record is one that really sinks its claws under your skin and has you racing back to it again and again.

Disappointingly, you don’t get that feeling with the material on Ages Unsung which is a pity because, as they do on tracks like the At The Gates-esque “As The Sky Falls” or the Trivium-tinged thrash of “Into Oblivion”, Chariots Of The Gods show they have the ability to pen some real solid thrash-inspired metalcore. It’s a pity that a good chunk of Ages Unsung sounds just too predictable and lacking something to really hit the nail on the head.

The problem with this genre of music is that unless you find that one ingredient that sinks into the listener’s head, the end result becomes an album that just flies by in a blur of heard-it-all-before-riffs and predictable melodies. Trivium nailed the mix perfectly with Ascendancy but, sadly, on Ages Unsung, Chariots Of The Gods have fallen a bit short of the mark.

Ages Unsung Track Listing:

01. Primordial Dawn
02. Tusk
03. Of Prometheus And The Sacred Flame
04. War of The Gods
05. As The Sky Falls
06. Resurrection
07. Through Darkness And Decay
08. Into Oblivion
09. New World
10. Ages Unsung

Run Time: 41:49
Release Date: September 16, 2016

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