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Balance and Composure – “Light We Made” [Album Review]

Balance and Composure are back with their latest release, Light We Made, which they are touting as a “sonic progression” for their sound. Read more about their sound change here…



While Light We Made definitely showcases a different side of Balance and Composure—one with significantly less angst and more ambient synth—this album was not what I would imagine most listeners (myself included) had in mind for a follow up to 2013’s widely-acclaimed The Things We Think We Are Missing or 2011’s Separation.

From the start, the album seems scattered and somewhat disjointed—like they were trying to cultivate an entirely new sound but never quite latched on to something that worked. The release opens with “Midnight Zone”, an airy jingle that sounds like something you might hear at a hipster-beach-bar after, I dunno, seven margaritas or so? You don’t know if you like it or hate it, but you find yourself drunkenly bobbing along to the hypnotic sound all the same. Much of the album is like this—not quite sure what we’re listening to, or what direction we are supposed to assume Balance and Composure was going with Light We MadeLight We Made is definitely not their best album to date, but it is ultimately just another stepping stone in their career. Fans of Balance, check it out and see for yourself. Personally, I miss the yelling/angsty vocals and this release feels almost empty without them. For those checking Balance out for the first time, keep in mind that Light We Made sounds NOTHING like previous releases, and maybe start with an older album.

Light We Made Track Listing:

01. Midnight Zone
02. Spinning
03. Afterparty
04. For A Walk
05. Mediocre Love
06. Postcard
07. Call It Losing Touch
08. Fame
09. Is It So Much To Adore
10. Loam

Run Time: ??:??
Release date: October 7, 2016

Check out the song “Afterparty”