We all listen to music for one reason or another. It fuels the mind and soul, touches our hearts, or expresses us in different ways. The self-titled offering from Apollo Under Fire does all that in one neat package.

Not every day goes as planned. We all have those days when nothing goes right. We look to others for guidance or inspiration. Sometimes we kneel down and pray. Listening to this album I can describe it in two words: simply uplifting. The first track, “Gotta Believe”, is an acoustic lover’s dream come true. As you can imagine from the title, the lyrics are about believing in hope, which is true, and sets the stage for the rest of the recording.

The opener’s guitars simply make this song the best it can be. The combination of acoustics and electric is phenomenal and a perfect accompaniment to lead singer, Donald Carpenter’s powerful, yet soothing voice. The rest of the album follows suit, exposing one’s soul from the inside out. Tracks such as “When It Rains”, “Inside You”, and “Sweet Freedom” really take the listener on a journey into the soul-searching that went into the writing of this album.

Apollo Under Fire is one release that you’ll refer back to again and again, whenever your feel the need for a ray of sunshine in your life.

Apollo Under Fire Track Listing:

01. Gotta Believe
02. Wings
03. When It Rains
04. Inside You
05. Refuse
06. One Track Mind
07. Weightless
08. Feel Your Love
09. Wait
10. Sweet Freedom

Run Time: 37:53
Release Date: June 3, 2016

Check out the song “Gotta Believe”