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Alec Worley and Pye – “Realm of the Damned: Tenebris Deos” [Comic Book Review]

Realm of the Damned: Tenebris Deos is a fatal dose of horrifying yet, amusing black metal, horror-filled comic bookery.



From the ingenious minds of British writer Alex Worley and the talented graphic designer/illustrator Simon “Pye” Parr, the duo offer up a fatal dose of horrifying yet, amusing black metal, horror-filled comic bookery, entitled, Realm of the Damned: Tenebris Deos.

The graphic novel published by, Maniacal Publishing, is set to release October 19th, 2016 in North America, and “Tenebris Deos” will be the first installment of a five part series of thrilling horrifying tales of Vampire hunter, Alberic Van Helsing.

Van Helsing is on a constant quest of finding salvation, and all the while praying with penitence, he is on a mission to slay his prey of supernatural forces of darkness. This sadistic story is a dark twisted tale of crazy chaos, of the hunter Van Helsing, becoming the hunted, from the merciless servants of the cruel evil Balaur, who has risen from the dead to wreak havoc on the entire world.

I was only allowed to review 33 of the 144-page spine-chilling saga, and I will say this, if you are squeamish from gore and blood, offended by blasphemous illustrations, blush when you see all out nudity, or to be blunt, are faint of fucking heart, then this graphic storyline is not for you.

This comic book is full of vicious, bloodthirsty vampires, devilish dark demonic behavior, and blood-curdling, nerve-shredding adrenaline narratives. All bullshit aside, I cannot wait to wrap my paws around a full copy and finish the hunt! I will close this review with one of my favorite quotes from the story thus far. “We didn’t come here to torch a church, we came here to torch the whole fucking world.”

Yep, it is a most horrifying story of unapologetic, no-holds-barred bedlam.

Written by: Alec Worley (Author), Pye (Illustrator)
Format/Length: Paperback, 144 pages
Publisher: Maniacal Publishing (October 19, 2016)

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