Tournament, the New York City-based hard rock act, recently announced a string of Fall Tour Dates supporting their new full-length album, Teenage Creature, which dropped via The End Records on March 25th and can be Purchased Here. “Infectious” and “incendiary” are but a few of the adjectives being tossed around in the same breath as the band’s name and, based on the new songs, we’d have to agree. Recently, the group combined their creative powers and shared with us this funny TOP 10 list of random Tournament facts and trivia.

10. Two out of the four of us have toured while having broken feet / legs at the same time.

09. Sean met a girl on our first night of our first tour ever, got laid and she broke her leg the next day.

08. The past few years for Halloween we’ve been; drugs, the Wizard of Oz, and slutty drugged up Disney princesses.

07. One time in Savannah Georgia we got lost a little bit. On one corner we saw a dead puppy, on the next corner we saw an unattended infant crawling across the street. We quickly realized we had to get back to the Jinx. We had so much grass that night, so between the day’s events and the few ounces, paranoia had set in. In a moment of clarity we decided to smuggle the rest back into Virginia in Waffle House breakfast sandwiches and tried to get high off cold egg sandwiches for the next few days.

06. Sean’s Dad’s band “The THE BAND Band” (The Band tribute band) share our tour van and got the Rodney Dangerfield record Son of No Respect stuck in the CD player, yet left a few of roaches to smoke in the ashtray.

05. Tournament has also played a little kids BBQ! Then later, after a long night of beer pong and horseshoes with suburban housewives, Ryan and Sean did tequila belly button shots and Sean pissed all over everyone, and we were able to compromise a cease-fire by having him piss in the dryer.

04. Stayed at this dude Curtis’ house in Ohio. There was shaved animal fur and awful smells everywhere that he had purposely left in a disgusting manor to freak out the real estate agents his mother had hired to sell the house. He didn’t want to move, he said. Also, the first night we were turned onto gas-station-chugging-whiskey.

03. Montana’s brain was abducted by aliens in a cold, half-built house in North Carolina but Sean saved him.

02. Jordan dazzled the crowd at a party in an attic while playing a kid’s drum set using empty beer cans as sticks. The floor nearly collapsed, and later that night we used Sean’s head as a battering ram to exit the party, because shit got too real.

01. We all ate some extremely psychedelic habanero pepper tincture at a bar, tripped balls for hours, then recorded some lovely ambient cinematic movements, this can be seen in a documentary called The Great Chicken Wing Hunt. It’s on Netflix.

Check out video for Tournament’s song “Sean’s Place.


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