Tim, Laura, Jim, and Devin make up The Walcotts, a rootsty new take on country-rock – though veering from rockabilly. While it’s a little too heavy on the country side for my taste, fans of contemporary country-rock,will certainly be delighted.

The album starts off with the paunchy “Should’ve Been Me” which plays with creole notes sounding like something that could have come right out of New Orleans. It’s the kind of feel-good track – disregarding the lyrics – that illicit feelings of sitting on a back porch sucking down a Hurricane. From there, the album moves on weaving in and out of heavier country sounds and bluegrass stylings.

It’s clear that The Walcotts, who formed in 2012, are apt musicians and thought out instrumentalists. Their success is heard when they follow a country, bluegrass, even bluesier path but fall short when they attempt a more rock & roll sound. In their highest moments The Walcotts come off as a cross between Hugh Laurie and Sheryl Crow. “Let Me Take You Home Tonight” sounds like a track that would have an entire southern America pub hooting and hollering.

Let The Devil Win Track Listing:

01. Should’ve Been Me
02. Let The Devil Win
03. Our Part Of Town
04. Hanging Tree
05. By The Morning
06. Instead
07. Helping Hand (Austin, 4am)
08. Good To See You, Gotta Go
09. Let Me Take You Home Tonight
10. Coalinga
11. So Much For Love
12. Curious and Kind

Run Time: 44:16
Release Date: September 16, 2016

Check out the Let The Devil Win album teaser


Danica Bansie is a music supervisor by day, writer and live music photographer by night, and arts & culture obsessed all the moments in between. You can find her with headphones on in Vancouver, Canada.