Sons of Balaur, the notorious black metal outfit from Oslo, Norway, have unveiled the second new track off Tenebris Deos, their highly-anticipated debut album and first official release in the band’s 20+ year history.

Regarding “Van Helsing Must Die”, Sons of Balaur vocalist Tomas (last name withheld due to legal reasons) recently told Bloody-Disgusting: “‘Van Helsing Must Die’ is an all out black thrash statement of intent, un-pure and simple. I mean who could confuse the intent? That scum is a murderous bastard! A weak, over the hill blood junky clinging onto the past as if anything he does makes the slightest difference to our en-darkened new world of blood and ash… and now I hear he is in league or done some deal with The New Congregation and is attempting to bring about the end of our great Lord Balaur? HIM!?! Hahaha… it would be a favor to put that old asshole out of his misery but I can assure you WHEN it happens it won’t be quick. So raise your fists, scream until your bloody throats burst and join with us…’VAN HELSING MUST DIE!”

Tenebris Deos Track Listing:

01. Invocation
02. Prologue
03. Old Relics
04. Succubus Slut
05. The Curse Of Bloodlust
06. The Nameless Roams The Earth
07. Van Helsing Must Die
08. Balaur’s Rise
09. Athena Bitch Betrayer
10. Soldiers Of Darkness
11. Nemetari The Desert Queen