Disturbing, utterly disturbing. That’s the best way I can describe La Petit Mort or A Conversation With God, the new album from Flint metal outfit King 810. Plunging the darkest, most brutal depths of frontman David Gunn’s soul, be prepared for a violent, uncompromising, unapologetic display of hate.

Setting a bleak tone right from the get-go as Gunn spits a spoken word intro to “Heavy Lies The Crown”, La Petit Mort or A Conversation With God and Gunn in particular go straight for the jugular with a collection of songs that leave you feeling truly uncomfortable. Gunn in particular doesn’t hold back as he promises to “take you to places you’d never ever go” on “Alpha & Omega” – just one of plenty of moments where you just shudder at what you’re hearing.

Possessing the kind of dark, disturbing aura mastered by bands like Slipknot, Gunn and his bandmates have taken their horrific heaviness to new level. Hate, death, violence, brutality are all themes that pepper tracks like the crushing “Vendetta” and the suffocating “The Trauma Model” and, disturbingly enough, they are all themes which come all too easily from the metal outfit.

Where King 810 differ from other “heavy” bands is their use of atmosphere. Yes, the downtuned guitars are fucking heavy and yes, Gunn’s use of spoken passages is utterly demented but it’s the haunting air about tracks like “The Trauma Model” which make this album so uncomfortable to listen to but, at the same time, so utterly compelling that you’ll find it hard to tear yourselves away from.

Le Petite Mort or A Conversation With God Track Listing:

01. Heavy Lies the Crown
02. Alpha & Omega
03. Give My People Back
04. Vendettas
05. Black Swan
06. The Trauma Model
07. La Petite Mort
08. I Ain’t Goin Back Again
09. War Time (Feat. Trick Trick)
10. Life’s Not Enough
11. Me & Maxine
12. Wolves Run Together
13. A Conversation with God

Run Time: 61:37
Release Date: September 16, 2016

Check out the video for “Alpha & Omega” here


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