Mauricio Chamucero has been drumming behind the scenes for quite a while. His impressive résumé of bands that he’s played with includes Dragonforce, Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden), Savage Messiah and his side project, The Bounded. His most current project, The Awareness, includes Tim “Ripper” Owens’ guitar player, Jorge Burbano, and they recently created a burner of a video showcasing them tearing it up on their respective instruments. Not yet a household name, we had Mauricio Chamucero answer a few questions for PureGrainAudio’s readers in order to become more familiar with this beast of a drummer!

Let’s start with the basic; how old were you when you started drumming and what sparked that interest?
Chamucero: I was around 12 years old or something like that when I started getting into banging things, ha! I used to love watching marching bands, especially listening to those snare drums, I was like “yeah one day I’d like to be in a marching band” and it did happen, but once I was in it, I thought that I wanted more. I mean, one snare wasn’t enough, ha! I wanted to be able to play more toms and percussion instruments, it’s that hunger for discovering. I also wanted to express a lot of energy within my playing so when rock and heavy metal music showed up in my life, I went like yes!!! THIS IS IT!

Who are some of your favorite drummers and why?
Chamucero: Well… this is a difficult one. I have so many favorite drummers who have inspired me, but I always mention Neil Peart (Rush) because of his creativity, whenever he plays brings dynamics and colorful lines into the music. The way he plays that hi-hat cymbal is amazing and the odd time signatures makes them more interesting to digest. Basically, when you least expect it… expect it. Hehe. Mike Portnoy (All of above plus showmanship on stage), Mike Terrana (The “beast”, tons of energy), Aquiles Priester (The fusion between Latin and Metal), Nick Menza (The oxygen that any metal band needs), Nicko McBrain (Inspiration), Dave Lombardo, Thomas Lang, Virgil Donati and the list goes on and on….

Check out the song “The Awareness”

What is your current drum set-up?
Chamucero: Mapex Black Panther/Horizon double bass drum kit
Toms: 9″ 10″ 12″ 14″ 16″
Snare: Mapex Black Panther
Pedal: Pearl Double/single eliminator
Zildjian Costume Cymbals
Hats: 16” A Heavy hats
Mega bell Z Costume ride cymbal 18″
Crash cymbals: Z 16″17″18″
China cymbal: A 16″18″
Splash: A 6″10″
In ear monitors: Shure SE 315
Sticks: Vick Firth 5A dip

If you got the chance to be in a drum-off, who would you pick to play opposite of you?
Chamucero: Mikkey Dee (Motörhead/Ex-King Diamond).

Now you’ve been a session drummer for a few bands. What has been your favorite band you’ve played in so far and why do you say that?
Chamucero: I have played for some interesting ones, but it has to be Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden) I used to listen to the X Factor album a lot back in early 1996, and especially when I saw on the set list the song (“Man on the Edge”) I just couldn’t believe it. Amazing!

Tell us a little bit about your side project, The Bounded, for those that aren’t familiar with it.
Chamucero: The Bounded is the result of the struggle of 3 guys trying to play metal out of their own country, with a hunger for trespassing all boundaries, beyond conventions and geographical and political limitations. We are looking into the possibilities of hitting the studio, but it’s taking a while as we are all spread in different countries. But check out The Bounded out on YouTube and Facebook, guys!

Do you have a day job, or do you make a living on just playing drums?
Chamucero: When I’m not touring or doing session work I work for an education agency as a teacher, I’m also a tutor with private students.

According to your Facebook page, you currently reside in London. Are you sick of fish n’ chips yet?
Chamucero: Hahaha this is funny… I am actually living in Cambridge now, but I lived in London for like 10 years well… still in England anyway. I didn’t like fish and chips at the beginning, but after a decade I really love it now, ha!

If you had to choose to drum for either Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden or AC/DC, who would it be? Please elaborate on your answer.
Chamucero: Difficult one… I’d love to drum for any of them, they are my dream bands but OK, I think AC/DC would be the one. I just can’t even imagine playing those amazing grooves with those guys onstage. Those guys can make anybody dance by just playing 2 or 3 beats so why not be part of it? Great!

Do you see yourself drumming well into your golden years?
Chamucero: Oh yeah! This is my passion and as long as I have that spirit within me and obviously am looking after myself and keep practicing, I’m sure I will be more than fine.

Check out the song “The Bounded”