KMFDM, the renowned industrial rock pioneers from Germany, will release ROCKS – Milestones Reloaded on September 9. The remix for the track “Amnesia” can be heard right here.

The album, a personal “best of” compilation by KMFDM protagonists and masterminds Sascha Konietzko and Lucia Cifarelli, who claim the re-imagined, re-mixed pieces would be an “ideal playlist for a live set,” commemorates the band’s 32nd anniversary.

ROCKS – Milestones Reloaded, the personal “Best of”/retrospective album of KMFDM, will be released as CD+DVD media book, including the DVD We Are KMFDM, CD Standard, 2LP and Digital on September 9 on earMUSIC and is to be followed by a new studio album and an extensive tour in 2017.

ROCKS – Milestones Reloaded Track Listing:

01. Kunst
02. Animal Out
03. Light (Remix by Andy Selway / KMFDM)
04. Son Of A Gun (Remix by Bradley Bills / CHANT)
05. Amnesia
06. A Drug Against War
07. Professional Killer (Remix by Sascha Konietzko / KMFDM)
08. (Still) Sucks (Remix by Sascha Konietzko / KMFDM)
09. Free Your Hate
11. WWIII (Remix by Sascha Konietzko / KMFDM)
12. Krank (Remix by Victor Love)
13. Amnesia (Remix by Marco Trentacoste)
14. A Drug Against War (Remix by Marco Trentacoste


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