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GOD Stream Another Track “Salvation” from Latest Record ‘GOD I’

The multi-layered instrumental progressive metal band, GOD, is streaming the song “Salvation!”



GOD is multi-layered instrumental progressive metal utilizing a wide range of distorted and clean 4-5-8 string basses and baritone/standard six string guitars to create the sound of GOD. Check out the song “Salvation.” The band utilizes multiple keys and tunings, complex chord progressions, intense polyrhythms, extensive layers and a strong sense of melody in each song.

GOD utilizes the concept of Inception through each song title on GOD I, the debut album from GOD. This ten track multi-layered progressive instrumental metal album challenges listeners to consider what we as humans think about when we read or hear the words God, Evolution, Betrayal, Death, Life, Creation, Denial, Hate, Love and more. Each song title utilizes this concept in a unique video for each song to ask questions rather than force opinions, ideas, concepts on to viewers.

The album will be released in two week intervals starting on August 22 through December 25, 2016. Releasing one song every two weeks with a video to coincide with each release.