Recently, I visited an old friend of mine to check out his new home that he just purchased and moved into. After getting the tour of the new digs, we decided to help him celebrate by checking out one of the local watering holes. To my dismay he picked an Irish Pub. Sigh…borrrrrinnnnng…. As I begrudgingly entered the land of overrated Guinness and Harp Harmony, my ears were assaulted by a pitchy U2 cover band. I bet if The Mahones were playing, I’d be slamming pints of stout and eating boiled everything without a care in the world in no time….Why? Because I like those guys!

Recently, PureGrainAudio heaved a spiked and studded pentagram at The Mahones’ lead vocalist and guitarist, Finny McConnell, and we received the following six-leaved clover in return! Be sure to check out (just below) and purchase your own copy of the band’s new album The Very Best: 25 Years of Irish Punk, RIGHT HERE.

I’ll be straight up with you… I’m not a fan of anything Irish. I hate Guinness, FUCK corned beef, and who ever thought boiling cabbage was a good idea should be shot. With that being said, what do you guys order on your pizza when you’re on the road?
McConnell: I’ve never met anyone who felt so strongly about corned beef. We put everything on pizza. The more toppings, the better.

You guys have been playing Irish Punk Rock for 25 years and punk rock in general has been dead for about that long. If there’s one band out there that put the final nail in the coffin for Punk Rock, who was it and why do you say that?
McConnell: Punk rock is alive and well: Rebellion Festival, Punk Rock Bowling, Punk Rock Holiday. Like Jake Burns (Stiff Little Fingers) said, “Punk’s not dead, but we’re still dying.” I don’t know if that’s relevant to this question, I just like name-dropping Jake Burns because he might be God. I try to never say anything bad about other bands on principal. The music industry is hard enough without people being dickheads.

I saw a live video of you guys giving a tribute onstage to Lemmy, R.I.P. If Lemmy was still alive and Motörhead asked your permission to cover a Mahones song, which one would you suggest to them and why?
McConnell: “Fuck You” (that’s the name of the song, not me telling you to fuck you). It’s loud!

You guys are Irish-born Canadians. If you were Canadian born Irish, would you put that nasty poutine gravy on your boiled potatoes?
McConnell: If poutine gravy is nasty, you’re at the wrong place. Gravy should make everything better, as a rule. Next time you’re in Canada, come by for dinner. We need to fix your hatred of Irish and Canadian food. Someone’s been doing you wrong.

The accordion is obviously a vital part of your sound. I live about two cacti and a Gila monster away from Mexico. Would you guys ever be open to using a Mexican accordion for one of your songs and playing some Norteño for a change of pace? If so, what would you name the song?
McConnell: Absolutely! That sounds really fun, actually. We’d name the song “Fuck Trump”, for obvious reasons.

BONUS 666 Question! Since you’re Irish by birth, I have to assume you have wicked tempers because my girlfriend is half Irish and is pissed at me about half of the time. Who has the worst temper in the band and please elaborate why this is?
McConnell: Katie Kaboom, used to, hands down. She’s way better since she quit drinking nearly four years ago. She hardly ever stabs anyone anymore.

Check out the album The Very Best: 25 Years of Irish Punk