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Ellefson Coffee Co. – “Roast In Peace” and “Kenya Thrash” Roasted Coffee Beans [Product Review]

With beans dubbed “She Wolf”, “Roast In Peace” and “Kenya Thrash”, how could my mornings get any better?



As a self-proclaimed, at times snobbish, coffee aficionado, I was super-excited to learn that David Ellefson of Megadeth fame had launched his own brand of that wonderful, magical caffeinated elixir. With beans dubbed “She Wolf”, “Roast In Peace” and “Kenya Thrash”, how could my mornings get any better? The intersection of heavy music and terrific coffee is where I can most often be found. My only issue was, what if I was disappointed? I am not used to imbibing the generic swill that some call “gourmet coffee”… guess I would just have to wait and see.

I anxiously checked the mailbox and after what seemed like an eternity the nice man in the brown uniform delivered the goods. I quickly bolted into the house and whipped out the French Press (no ordinary automatic coffee machine for this guy), and prepared to indulge.

I was immediately impressed at the rich, dark color as the beans steeped in the glass vessel. After what also seemed like an eternity, I poured the goods out into my favorite mug and, thanks to the rich aroma, again was left impressed. Without further adieu, I took that long-awaited first sip.

All kidding aside, I am here to tell you that it was fantastic. The rich, bold and earthy flavored goodness pleased even this writer’s sophisticated caffeine pallet. This is truly some good coffee, not your regular cup of Joe. It is something that you will not just look forward to in the morning, but anytime of day. As a matter of fact, as I write this piece I am sitting on the front porch with a large cup of “Kenya Thrash”, enjoying the hell out of it!

Whether or not you like the music, band, or genre, if you are a fan of GOOD coffee, I suggest you order up some Ellefson Coffee Co.. If you’re smart, you’ll then kick back and crank your favorite heavy music. Two thumbs up!!!