Irish metallers Dead Label have just issued their new album Throne Of Bones through Metal Blade Records. With the band and the album both showing the quality of the Irish metal scene, we thought we’d ask drummer Claire to list her TOP 10 Irish bands. Here’s what she thinks….

10. Primordial
– These guys have been flying the flag for Irish metal for years and years, they paved he way for bands to get their name out in the world! They are the originals!!!

09. Thin Lizzy
– What needs to be said here? Brought up on Thin Lizzy! They inspired Dan to play music.

08. Clurichuan
– Extremely original Irish band, one of the most original Irish bands we can think of. We played with them years ago in The Well in Nenagh and since we have played with loads of bands in that set they did stuck with all of us. It was amazing!

07. Edenfire
– These guys are not together anymore but they hold a very special place in our hears. They are great friends and we played together many times. Their EP was full of anthemic songs that I’m sure would land with massive audiences! Get back together!

06. Two Tales Of Woe
– These guys were the band to watch when we started and, after rising through a lot, are coming out on top! They are playing at Bloodstock this year and everyone is in for a treat.

05. The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back
– We’ve known these guys since they were really young and it’s such a joy to see them evolve into a great band. They are really hardworking and we really enjoy them live. They are kicking ass and getting miles under their belt!

04. Aesect
– This band will tear your head off live. Heavy as balls and hardworking to boot. Expect to see these guys at all the big festivals soon.

03. Magalligog
– Another Irish band who are not together anymore but released a sensational album before they stopped gigging. They are so enjoyable. I’m holding out for a reunion.

02. Vile Regression
– Although they are not together anymore, they shaped the metal scene in Ireland and we grew up playing with them. They showed us the ropes and are some of the most talented and musical people on the island.

01. Red Enemy
– Killer band, hard working and driven. They are heavy and right and an unreal live show. Great bunch of lads!

NOTE: Some of the above are not active anymore but their music can be found online and is well worth a listen. All of the above have contributed to shaping an awesome and diverse metal scene in Ireland! There are literally so many awesome Irish metal bands but we wanted to give a diverse list for people to check out!

Check out the song “Salvation In Sacrifice”


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