Slomatics. If you’ve never heard of them, just the name of the band by itself gives the listener a hint of what’s in store for them without even hearing a note. This sludgy/doomy/fuzzy trio has put out several releases to this point, including four full-lengths and a “mountain of split/vinyl/cassette releases”. Their upcoming offering, Future Echo Returns, according to the band, is their heaviest and most diverse to date. In fact, I think I’ve blown out the speakers in my truck because I crank this album both often and loud. Because of this, I would have to concur with their assessment.

The first thing that an audiophile will notice about Future Echo Returns is the production. There are some sick fucking guitar tones on this album, and why wouldn’t there be? Slomatics are signed to Black Bow Records, which in turn is run by Jon Davis of Conan fame. This guy knows tone like Matt Pike knows weed.

In addition to the great sounds on this album, it has plenty of groove and some catchy off-time signatures to keep the listener locked in a fuzzy trance. We’ve established that there are great sounds and grooves on Future Echo Returns, but what’s the subject matter about? Well, it’s your lucky day because the band has stated that “it’s the final part of a three album sequence…conjuring images of overgrown celestial bodies marshalled by undiscovered extraterrestrial entities!”

There’s not a weak track on this album, but I would have to say the standout tracks are “Rat Chariot” and the finale, “Into The Eternal”. I would also suggest listening to Future Echo Returns on a nice pair of headphones, lying down with your eyes closed for full effect (and if you’re so inclined, with some substance involvement…use your imagination). While you’re at it, don’t forget to pick it up on limited edition purple with green splatter vinyl to further enhance your audiophile experience.

Future Echo Returns Track Listing:

01. Estronomicon
02. Electric Breath
03. In The Grip of Fausto
04. Ritual Beginnings
05. Rat Chariot
06. Supernothing
07. Into The Eternal

Run Time: 40:28
Release Date: September 2, 2016

Check out the song “Rat Chariot”